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Fast tag identification in RFID systems

Simple RFID system.

One of the major challenges in the use of Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) on a large scale is the ability to read a large number of tags quickly. Central to solving this problem is resolving collisions that occur when multiple tags reply to the query of a reader. To this purpose several MAC protocols for passive RFID systems have been proposed. These typically build on traditional MAC schemes such as aloha and tree based protocols. Our objective is to design novel anticollision schemes able to fast identify large number of tags. We have designed protocols that overcome the limits of current solutions, proposing schemes for tag population estimation and identification. We have also proposed schemes which exploit interference cancellation for fast tag identification. We are working on solutions for mobile RFID systems. We have developed a simulator for RFID protocols, and performed experiments on performance of current RFID systems. Part of this work is performed within the Artemis CHIRON project, and in collaboration with Prof. Tom La Porta (Penn State University).


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Selected publications

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Useful links and papers on RFID systems

We report a list of references addressing identification of passive tag in RFID systems. The list is not meant to be exhaustive and is under construction.

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