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Interference cancellation-based RFID tags identification

Research Area: Fast tag identification in RFID systems Year: 2011
Type of Publication: In Proceedings
Authors: Raju Kumar; Thomas F. La Porta; Gaia Maselli; Chiara Petrioli
Book title: MSWiM
Pages: 111-118
In this paper we investigate interference cancellation to faster identify tags in RFID networks. We explore how interference cancellation can be applied to ALOHA and tree-based identification schemes, its limitations, the extent of achievable improvements, and the overhead incurred to obtain effective gains. Analytical and simulation results show that for an ALOHA-based scheme interference cancellation allows us to identify nearly 23% of tags without directly interrogating them. This speeds up tag identification (over 20% faster) while producing little overhead. For a tree-based scheme nearly 50% of the tags are identified by exploiting interference cancellation, resulting in an improvement of the identification rate of over 20%. Finally, we propose an enhancement of the tree-based scheme with interference cancellation that achieves a further identification speed up of 50%.
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