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Low-cost Standard Signatures for Energy-Harvesting Wireless Sensor Networks

Research Area: Design, evaluation and test of complete solutions for Green Wireless Sensor Networks Year: 2016
Type of Publication: Article
Authors: G Ateniese; G Bianchi; Angelo Capossele; Chiara Petrioli; Dora Spenza
Journal: ACM Transactions on Embedded Computing Systems
This work is motivated by a general question: Can micro-scale energy harvesting techniques be exploited to support low-cost standard security solutions on resource-constrained devices? We focus on guaranteeing integrity and authentication in Internet of Things (IoT) and Wireless Sensor Network (WSN) applications. In this paper we propose techniques to make ECDSA signatures low cost and implementable on resource-constrained devices. By combining precomputation techniques and energy harvesting capabilities of modern sensor nodes, we achieve significant improvement over prior works. In addition, we show the cost of ECDSA signatures can be reduced of up to a factor 10 by using harvesting-aware optimizations.
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