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Key Management Protocol with Implicit Certificates for IoT Systems

Research Area: Security for Terrestrial and Underwater Sensing Systems Year: 2015
Type of Publication: In Proceedings
Authors: S. Sciancalepore; Angelo Capossele; G. Piro; G. Boggia; G. Bianchi
Book title: Proceedings of ACM MobiSys 2015 workshop: IoT-Sys 2015
Address: Florence, Italy
Month: May 18
This paper proposes a Key Management Protocol for mo- bile and industrial Internet of Things systems, targeting, at the same time, robust key negotiation, lightweight node au- thentication, fast re-keying, and efficient protection against replay attacks. The proposed approach pragmatically lever- ages widely accepted Elliptic Curve Cryptography construc- tions, specifically the (Elliptic Curve) “Fixed” Diffie Hellman key exchange and the (Elliptic Curve) Qu-Vanstone implicit certificates. Our value added is their suitable integration into a security protocol exchange, designed at layer 2, in the 802.15.4 protocol stack, which permits to i) avoid Elliptic Point multiplications upon rekeying of previously paired de- vices, and ii) support mutual authentication while securing the protocol exchange. To prove its viability, the proposed Key Management Protocol has been implemented and as- sessed on severely constrained devices. As expected, but made explicit and quantified by our experimental perfor- mance evaluation, the usage of implicit certificates in con- junction with an optimized message exchange yields impres- sive gains in terms of airtime consumption with respect to state of the art schemes.
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