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Optimized Packet Size Selection in Underwater WSN Communications

Research Area: Underwater monitoring systems Year: 2012
Type of Publication: Article
Authors: S. Basagni; Chiara Petrioli; Roberto Petroccia; M. Stojanovic
Journal: IEEE Journal of Oceanic Engineering
Accepted for publication.
We investigate the effect of packet size selection on the performance of MAC protocols for underwater wireless sensor networks, namely, Carrier Sense Multiple Access (CSMA) and the Distance-Aware Collision Avoidance Protocol (DACAP). Our comparative analysis, conducted via ns-2 simulations, considers scenarios with varying, non-zero bit error rate (BER) and interference. We investigate metrics such as throughput efficiency (the ratio between the delivered and the offered bit rate), end-to-end packet latency, measured “per meter” to allow for different sizes of deployment areas, and the energy consumed to correctly deliver an information bit to the network collection point. Our results show the dependence of these metrics on the packet size, indicating the existence of an optimum. The optimum packet size is found to depend on the protocol characteristics, the bit rate, and on the BER. For each protocol and scenario considered, we determine the packet size that optimizes throughput performance, and we show its effect on the normalized packet latency and on energy consumption.
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