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Beyond Duty Cycling: Wake-up Radio with Selective Awakenings for Long-lived Wireless Sensing Systems

Research Area: Uncategorized Year: 2015
Type of Publication: In Proceedings
Authors: Dora Spenza; M. Magno; S. Basagni; L. Benini; M. Paoli; Chiara Petrioli
Book title: IEEE INFOCOM 2015
Pages: 522-530
Address: Hong Kong
Month: April
Emerging wake-up radio technologies have the potential to bring the performance of sensing systems and of the Internet of Things to the levels of low latency and very low energy consumption required to enable critical new applications. This paper provides a step towards this goal with a twofold contribution. We first describe the design and prototyping of a wake-up receiver (WRx) and its integration to a wireless sensor node. Our WRx features very low power consumption (lower than 1.3uW), high sensitivity (up to -55dBm), fast reactivity (wake-up time of 130us), and selective addressing, a key enabler of new high performance protocols. We then present ALBA-WUR, a cross-layer solution for data gathering in sensing systems that redesigns a previous leading protocol, ALBA-R, extending it to exploit the features of our WRx. We evaluate the performance of ALBA-WUR via simulations, showing that the use of the WRx produces remarkable energy savings (up to five orders of magnitude), and achieves lifetimes that are decades longer than those obtained by ALBA-R in sensing systems with duty cycling, while keeping latencies at bay.
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