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GreenCastalia: An Energy-Harvesting-Enabled Framework for the Castalia Simulator

Research Area: Design, evaluation and test of complete solutions for Green Wireless Sensor Networks Year: 2013
Type of Publication: In Proceedings Keywords: Energy harvesting, Castalia, Network simulations, Wireless sensor networks
Authors: David Benedetti; Chiara Petrioli; Dora Spenza
Book title: Proceedings of ACM ENSSys 2013
Pages: 7:1-7:6
Address: Rome, Italy
Month: Nov 14
Code available at:
The emergence of energy-scavenging techniques for powering networks of embedded devices is raising the need for dedicated simulation frameworks that can support researchers and developers in the design and performance evaluation of harvesting-aware protocols and algorithms. In this work we present GreenCastalia, an open-source energy-harvesting simulation framework we have developed for the popular Castalia simulator. GreenCastalia supports multi-source and multi-storage energy harvesting architectures, it is highly modular and easily customizable. In addition, it allows to simulate networks of embedded devices with heterogeneous harvesting capabilities.
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