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DEMO: Time Synchronization and Localization for Underwater Acoustic Sensor Networks with the SUNSET Framework

Research Area: Year: 2013
Type of Publication: In Proceedings
Authors: Chiara Petrioli; Roberto Petroccia; Daniele Spaccini
Book title: Proceedings of the ACM Mobicom International Workshop on Wireless Network Testbeds, Experimental evaluation and CHaracterization (WiNTECH 2013)
Address: Miami, Fl, USA
Month: November
Best Demo Award.
We demonstrate the use of the Sapienza University networking framework for underwater Simulation Emulation and real-life Testing (SUNSET) through the implementation and validation of a novel time synchronization and localization algorithm for Underwater Acoustic Sensor Networks (UASNs). The algorithm, implemented and tested in a multi-hop acoustic network, is based on node discovering and cooperation for range estimation and for achieving network level synchronization. Our demonstration shows the flexibility of SUNSET in providing a framework for simulation, emulation and in field testing over heterogeneous devices, including mobile ones. SUNSET enables the users to control network devices remotely for configuration and re-programming, and allows to use the same code for both simulation and actual tests. A video of a SUNSETbased remotely controlled submarine AUV will be shown from previous in field experimentation.
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