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Comparing SUNSET and DESERT Frameworks for In Field Experiments in an Underwater Acoustic Network

Research Area: Underwater monitoring systems Year: 2013
Type of Publication: In Proceedings
Authors: Roberto Petroccia; Daniele Spaccini
Book title: Proceedings of MTS/IEEE OCEANS 2013
Address: Bergen, Norway
Month: June, 10--13
The emerging demand for pervasive underwater monitoring and control systems has significantly stimulated the research on network protocols for underwater acoustic sensor networks. In the last few years, several solutions have been proposed for this kind of networks at all layers of the protocol stack. However, to achieve a thorough understanding of the performance of these protocols running simulations is no longer enough and in field experiments are needed. Two different platforms, SUNSET and DESERT, have been recently developed and released open-source allowing to seamlessly simulate, emulate and test (at-sea) a variety of communication protocols. In this paper we compare the performance of these two frameworks, with a particular attention to their use during in field experimentation. Our tests show that when running simulations there is high compatibility and interoperability between the two systems. In actual underwater experiments, however, SUNSET represents a more mature, flexible and efficient solution
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