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GreenCastalia Version:0.1d

GreenCastalia is an extension for the popular Castalia simulator (based on OMNET++) that allows to model and simulate networks of embedded devices with energy-harvesting capabilities.



GreenCastalia is an extension for Castalia, so it requires a working installation of Castalia. To install Castalia and OMNET++, please refer to the Castalia installation guide at GreenCastalia v0.1d has been tested with Castalia 3.3 and OMNeT++ 4.6.

The instructions given henceforth assume you have Castalia 3.3 installed in a directory named Castalia.

To install GreenCastalia, copy the archive in the Castalia root directory:

cp GreenCastalia-v0.1d.tar.bz2 Castalia/
cd Castalia

If you download Castalia from github, be sure to copy the archive in the inner Castalia directory, not the outer one:

cp GreenCastalia-v0.1d.tar.bz2 Castalia/Castalia
cd Castalia/Castalia
The correct directory is the one in which the makemake script file is located.

Untar and unzip the archive:
tar -xjvf GreenCastalia-v0.1d.tar.bz2

The following two files must be removed from the Castalia source tree before compiling GreenCastalia sources:

rm src/node/resourceManager/ResourceManager.h
rm src/node/resourceManager/

You are now ready to build Castalia with GreenCastalia:

make clean



File name GreenCastalia-v0.1d.tar.bz2
Size 497.4 KB
System Linux
File name: GreenCastalia-v0.1d.tar.bz2
Size: 497.4 KB