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GreenCastalia: An Energy-Harvesting-Enabled Framework for the Castalia Simulator

The emergence of energy-scavenging techniques for powering networks of embedded devices is raising the need for dedicated simulation frameworks that can support researchers and developers in the design and performance evaluation of harvesting-aware protocols and algorithms. In this page, we present and distribute GreenCastalia, an open source extension for the popular Castalia simulator based on OMNeT++. GreenCastalia allows to easily model and simulate networks of embedded devices with energy-harvesting capabilities. 

The main features of GreenCastalia are:

  • support for multiple energy sources and multi-source harvesters;
  • support for networks of embedded devices with heterogeneous harvesting and storage capabilities;
  • support for multi-storage architectures consisting of a combination of disposable batteries, supercapacitors and rechargeable batteries;
  • support for non-ideal battery models based on empirical discharge patterns and of supercapacitor leakage models;
  • support for energy prediction models.

Please refer to the User Manual for additional details. A detailed description of the general structure of GreenCastalia and of each module of the framework is also provided in:

David Benedetti, Chiara Petrioli and Dora Spenza
GreenCastalia: An Energy-Harvesting-Enabled Framework for the Castalia Simulator
In Proceeding of the ACM 1st International Workshop on Energy Neutral Sensing Systems, ACM ENSSys 2013, Rome, Italy, 14 Nov, 2013.

We would appreciate it if you cite this paper when referencing to the project or when publishing results that use GreenCastalia.

For questions, feedback or comments about GreenCastalia please contact Dora Spenza at  This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it


SUNSET: Sapienza University Networking framework for underwater Simulation, Emulation and real-life Testing

The Sapienza University Networking framework for underwater Simulation Emulation and real-life Testing (SUNSET) is a new solution, developed by the UWSN Group, to seamlessly simulate, emulate and test in real-life novel communication protocols. It is based on the open source and well known network simulator ns-2 (and its extension ns2-Miracle).

Find out more and download the latest version of SUNSET HERE.