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Luigi Picari

Former member

Personal Information:

Position: Post-Doc researcher Picari, Luigi
Research Area: Underwater monitoring systems
Phone or fax: 390649918430
Location: room 333
Short Bio:

Luigi Picari is a contract researcher at the Computer Science Department of University of Rome "La Sapienza," Italy. He received his Ph.D. in Computer Science from University of Rome "La Sapienza," Italy, in 2017. His research interests focus on the design, performance evaluation and implementation of MAC and routing adaptive protocols for underwater sensors networks.

Recent Publications

  • "CARMA: Channel-aware Reinforcement Learning-based Multi-path Adaptive Routing for Underwater Wireless Sensor Networks", IEEE Journal on Selected Area in Communications. Special issue on Machine Learning in Wireless Communications, Gesbert, D. and de Kerret, P. and van der Schaar, M and Gunduz, D. and Murthy, C. and Sidiropoulos, D., eds. In print. 2019. BibTeX Read more
  • "The Diver System: Multimedia Communication and Localization using Underwater Acoustic Networks". Proceedings of IEEE WoWMoM 2019. Washington, DC, USA. June. 2019. BibTeX Read more
  • "An autonomous underwater vehicle and SUNSET to bridge underwater networks composed of multi-vendor modems", Annual Reviews in Control. 2018. BibTeXOnline version Read more
  • "Enabling Cooperation and Networking in Heterogeneous Underwater Networks composed of Multi-Vendor Vehicles and Modems". Proceedings of MTS/IEEE OCEANS 2017. Aberdeen, Scotland, UK. June, 19--22. 2017. pp. 1-6. Full textBibTeX Read more
  • "Cooperation and Networking in an Underwater Network composed by Heterogeneous Assets". Proceedings of MTS/IEEE OCEANS 2016. Monterey, CA, USA. September, 19--23. 2016. pp. 1-9. BibTeX Read more
  • "OptoCOMM and SUNSET to enable large data offloading in Underwater Wireless Sensor Networks". Proceedings of MTS/IEEE OCEANS 2016. Monterey, CA, USA. September, 19--23. 2016. pp. 1-5. Full textBibTeX Read more
  • "A Self-Adaptive Protocol Stack for Underwater Wireless Sensor Networks". Proceedings of MTS/IEEE OCEANS 2016. Shanghai, China. April, 10--13. 2016. pp. 1-8. Full textBibTeX Read more
  • "Spectral Density Estimation of Ship-generated Underwater Acoustic Noise". Proceedings of the 9th ACM International Conference on Underwater Networks & Systems. Rome, Italy. Nov. 2014. BibTeX Read more
  • "A Multi-band Noise-Aware MAC Protocol for Underwater Acoustic Sensor Networks". Proceedings of IEEE WiMob 2013. Lyon, France. October. 2013. Full textBibTeX Read more


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